Enchoro Wildlife Camp Location.

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MASAI MARA : Kenya's premier safari destination, the Masai Mara National Reserve, the world's famous game reserve due to the annual wildebeests migration. Situated in the southwest of Kenya in the Rift Valley bordering with Tanzania's Serengeti National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve consist of 1,510 sq. km (589 sq. miles) made up of three group ranches i.e the Mara Triangle, Musiara and Sekenani, all under the control of the local country councils. Often described as the greatest of natures stages, the Masai Mara, with its huge dramatic skies, is the most popular of all Kenya's game parks. The landscape which is mostly savanna, hosts approximately 22 families of lions and 3000 elephants. This park is famous for herds of elephants, buffaloes, wildebeest and zebras that roam its plains. The Mara river is one of the best places to observe hippos and crocodiles.

DISTANCE : Masai Mara National Reserve is 270 km away from Nairobi in the south Rift. Easily accessible by road though on bad condition, you are able to view plenty of things along the way and also make stop over Highway signs on the location and distance from one town to the next is posted. Driving time between Nairobi to Narok is approx 2hrs 30minutes and Narok to Masai Mara due to the condition of the road take approx 3 hrs on a 80 km strech. Enchoro wildlife Camp is simply in the best location of Masai Mara’s Oloolaimutia gate with panoramic views of Oloolaimutia hills on the East gate of the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

How to get to Enchoro Wildlife Camp Masai Mara.

From Nairobi Nyamakima Matatu stop off river road take matatu /shuttle bus to Narok town Some 150 plus km from Nairobi.
At Narok town walk to the bus and matatu station and board Mini bus/shuttle to Oloolaimutia before 01:00 PM or there about.
The drive is about one and a half to two hours on a dirt rough road.
On arrival at Oloolaimutia the driver on request may drop you free of charge at the Enchoro Wildlife Camp or at the Oloolaimutia shopping centre which is less than 10 minuites walk towards the Oloolaimutia Primary School, where on your left hand side,The thatched entrance way is Sign posted “ Enchoro Wildlife Camp”.

Google Map for Enchoro Wildlife Camp Office in Nairobi.

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NB: It has come to our attention that some tour operators are circulating false information that they are appointed booking agent for Enchoro Wildlife Camp-Masai Mara. They instead book you in other camps which are NOT Enchoro Wildlife Camp. Be advised accordingly on which camp you are booked in by your tour operator. You can call us or email us to confirm your reservation with us.

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